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Superthrive - 60 ml

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Quick Overview
SuperThrive is a 50 on 1 product.It contains a formula based on vitamins and hormons, with the purpose to improve all the vital cycles of the plants.It made a stimulator role, and strongifier and booster.SuperThrive is not a fertiliser. We add SuperThrive at your usually fertiliser line, organo-mineral or totally organics lines.
Product Description
SuperThrive is a feed complement impossible to circumvent that allows to obtain an explosive growth and bloom without any comparation with the other boosters that exist on the market.

With SuperThrive, the stems of the plants are stronger and bigger, that allows to send more nutrients to the flowers or fruits.

At this you can add the metabolism acceleration of the plants, that are at the spectaculary growth results.
With SuperThrive, accelerate incredibly the growth and bloom, protecting at the same time the health of the plants.
A good growth is important to insures an optimal bloom phase of your plants!

Compound by natural extracts that contains vitamins and hormons.

SuperThrive contains more than 50 vitamins and amined acids.
Additional Information
Usage SuperThrive stimulate the growth and bloom hormones production.
Notes Dose :
- 1 ml of SuperThrive to 4 Liters of feed water for the the most purposes.

- On soil for the roots generation: 2ml of SuperThrive to 20 Liters of feed water. Or 31 Grams (1 Ounce metric) to 1900 Liters of feed water.

-To revitalise some plants, use primary without fertilisers, specially if the problems comes from an overfertilising.

SuperThrive can be sprayed under the leaves.
We can apply SuperThrive at every drip or one time per week.
Included Superthrive - 60 ml
Weight 300.0000
Hors Gabarit No

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